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Clik "let's go" to contact Glenn for an interview.  


"Hey! We are finished and notarized.  Thank you so much!!  We are grateful for you and love working with you!!"  (for the third time)

HELOC Client

Thank you for getting us to the closing right on schedule.  The closer said my rate was the lowest she had seen in some time!

Purchase Client

Hello, about me,  Glenn Reynolds.

Grand Mountain Mortgage LLC was formed when I had the opportunity to become a Licensed Mortgage Broker as many Retail Banks did not want to deal with the complexities of secondary market home mortgage lending.  As an expert in all types of residential mortgage lending I am focused on the two markets I know the best:  Colorado and Oklahoma, and they are my specialties.  My dual hometowns are Frisco and Tulsa and what  better way to use 40 years of lending experience than to dedicate my skill and knowledge to clients, friends and family in these two great states.    In addition I pursue my other passions, I am a musician and play upright bass in local bluegrass bands and work as a ski instructor and on mountain safety in my spare time. 


Permanent financing on our homes can mean loans that help us purchase a home as well as:  settle a divorce, sell of a family property to children, refinance to lower the rate or payment, cash out for any reason, or to purchase a home, second home, or investment property. Contact me for a consultation to help make the best decisions on what many call the biggest financial transactions in our lives.

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